Pick-Up Games Rules


Joining a PUG

In order to join a PUG, you need to join the voice channel where we gather usually the “PUG Lobby” channel. Normally, someone starts a PUG by typing @here in the Discord group. You can also use the PUG bot to queue up for a PUG. We always play 5v5 stopwatch with Friendly Fire ON, in a custom server which means everyone will get XP, Cases, and Credits normally. In order to participate in a PUG, you need to be willing to use Discord and have a microphone. You don't need to be an experienced player, but being able to play at least a couple of different roles is recommended. (more about this later on)

Team Selection

After we have gathered 10 people (or more for multiple PUGs) on Discord, we decide which server region we will use, either EU or US East. This depends on how many US/EU players there are in each specific PUG. When we have everyone in the server, we decide how we are going to mix the teams. Usually we have 2 volunteer captains (normally veteran PUG players) picking their teams, in the 1-2-2-2-1 order. We do this in an attempt to balance each PUG as much as possible. It is possible that an admin will trade a couple of players after team picks have been completed. This will only be done if an admin sees that a PUG is extremely unbalanced on one side.

Map Selection

Once team picks have been completed, the map will be selected. The players in the PUG will decide together what map will be played. After this, an admin moves the teams in their own voice channels and the teams decide what role each player will play. When both teams are ready, the game can begin. Remember to communicate with your team and work together.

One merc rule

PUGs are not serious business, but people who play them usually search for a more competitive experience than they would find in a public game, or even in ranked game. The only rule we have is the "one merc rule", which means a team can't have multiple of the same merc played at the same time. For example, if a team has spawned in 2 Skyhammers. This happens sometimes and it's not end of the world, but one of them needs to "tap out" or "kill out" when it's noticed. You’re allowed to have multiple of a specific merc in your squads, but you’re not allowed to have more than one on the battlefield at any time.